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Idea Buyer specializes in bringing new ideas to market. Started in 2007, Idea Buyer has become the fastest growing new product development company in the nation. Inc. Magazine ranks us as the #197th fastest growing privately owned company in America. Have a great idea? Let's talk!

Idea Submission

Submit your idea and our team will review and see if it might be a good fit.

100% Secure & Confidential

24-48 hour response time

Amazing support team


Idea Selection

Below are the key items we look for in a potential partner product.

It is a unique and patentable solution.

It is in a large and growing market.

It solves an expensive or painful problem or high value reward.

Reliable, motivated, and positive founder.


Service Part Three

We partner on select ideas and bring them to market.

Exclusive Program

Integrated Team

Since 2007

US Based, Privately Owned Company


Our partnership program has generated over $100 Million+.

See what others are saying about us

Idea Buyer has helped me in countless ways. I'm glad my patent attorney introduced them to me. I am now doing over $10,000 per month in sales on my new product.

Very effective and thorough team. They have been with us since the beginning and we wouldn't be in over 200 stores otherwise.

We were able to get to market with Idea Buyer for a fraction of the cost of doing it all on our own.

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Jeffery Ardent - Inventor, ClearSquare

Bill Rhome - Neat Meat Seasonings

Steven Knighton
Inventor, Size Up Apps

John Smith - Compare Loans


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